Real is redesigning the therapy experience.

Ariela Safira


Ariela has been working on redesigning mental healthcare for the past 6 years, sparked by the suicide attempt of a friend. After studying Math & CS at Stanford, she began working with David Kelley, the Founder of IDEO, on how we can redesign our mental healthcare system.

Ariela then biked across multiple countries to fundraise for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and continued her work in Liverpool, England at what was considered the most innovative mental ward in the world, and then joined Cityblock to put up its first clinic in Brooklyn.

Ariela left to join Columbia’s Clinical Psychology program to train to be a therapist. At Columbia, she saw the many challenges the current system faces, like how it takes years to become a private practicing therapist because of the capital needed to put up a private office, and the risk involved in relying on fee-for-service income.

Ariela realized we put more thought and manpower into building cycling studios than we do healthcare, so she left the program to start Real.


Real is redesigning the therapy experience with a first-of-its-kind mental health studio made for women – a space, community, app, and care model devoted to women’s mental health.

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