Boon + Gable is a virtual personal shopper that provides users with recommended items through the mail on a monthly basis.

Diane Loviglio


Boon + Gable was born from Diane’s frustration as a shopper who wanted to ditch the hectic & stressful in-store shopping experience and create a solution for dressing her best and saving time.

Before founding Boon + Gable, Diane worked as Mozilla’s first qualitative User Experience Researcher and co-founded the first conference to focus on tech failures, FailCon, when failure was still a taboo topic. Her expertise in sustainable design originally led Diane to the Bay Area, where she designed a public green roof featured in National Geographic. But since architecture moved too slow for Diane, she started Wattbot, an online recommendation service that helped homeowners save money on their energy bills.

She received her Bachelor of Humanities and Arts in Architecture and Anthropology from Carnegie Mellon University and when not being a CEO she can often be found in her favorite pair of AG jeans and playing with her 18 month old daughter.


Skip straight to the best parts of shopping and get style ordered in.

Fill out a fun profile and Boon + Gable will hand pick 20 items for you and bring them to your home.

Just give us an hour. Pay for what you keep. Forget about the rest. Saving time is always in fashion. #styleorderedin

About Boon + Gable


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