Arey Grey is a science-based brand focused on slowing the aging process of hair.



Allison Conrad is an entrepreneur and operator focused on consumer brands and e-commerce. Allison received her BA from Duke University, launched a side-hustled fashion brand online, received her MBA from Stanford University and ran a beauty brand and most recently has been consulting and advising tech-enabled consumer companies.


Arey is a functional beauty brand that targets aging hair with a proactive and science-driven approach, with a specific focus on grey hair. Scientists recently identified that genetics only account for approximately 30% of grey hair, which led co-founder and CEO Allison Conrad to ideate Arey based on her own hair journey with her celebrity hairstylist and co-founder, Jay Small, a former Paul Mitchell protege. Along with their team of medical advisors including internal medicine MDs, dietitians and chemical engineers, the brand offers a range of products, including The System which incorporates an inside-out and outside-in approach with a supplement + hair serum, The Duo of shampoo + conditioner that work together to restore hair health including reducing the likelihood of increased grey hair growth as well as thicker, fuller and more vibrant hair. Arey gets to the root of the problem with a proactive hair care system that can be implemented at the first signs of grey by preserving and even restoring pigment.

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