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RadSwan is the conscious beauty brand built with, and for the Global African Diaspora. The brand was initially launched in March 2017 as Big Hair No Care by Cosmopolitan’s 2018 Influencer of the Year, Freddie Harrel. Now rebranded as RadSwan, the company is set to launch in Spring 2020 having just raised over $1m in funding from an all-female group of investors including BBG Ventures and Female Founders fund. RadSwan is positioned to disrupt the black beauty market and is one of the very few black woman owned brands to ever raise $1m. Starting with hair and expanding into other adjacent beauty categories inclusive of products, accessories, and merchandise — RadSwan will be the first beauty brand that centers innovation and co-creation with the global African Diaspora in mind.

Freddie Harrel, Founder + CEO

Freddie Harrel is a Parisian-born fashion blogger turned beauty start-up founder. After starting her professional career with a short stunt in banking, she transitioned to the world of e-commerce. Since then, she has spent time at leading companies such as Ogilvy, ASOS, Topshop, and Vesitaire Collective. Today, she is one of the few black women to have ever raised over $1m in funding. With a passion for cultivating community on a global scale, Freddie is leading RadSwan as a dynamic beauty brand catered to the needs and experiences of the global African Diaspora.

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