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Knowsy is a disruptive, new short-format video content platform, born our of a revolution in how people are learning.

Video has emerged as the most effective way to learn how to do things – from the most basic how-to user-generated videos to more comprehensive e-courses.

Knowsy is focused on creating the most simple and addictive way to consume clean, concise instructional and educational videos that are optimized for mobile users and social distribution.

Alisa Volkman, Founder

Alisa is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about the rapid evolution of digital media. She has built several digital companies, all of which have been acquired:, acquired by HowAboutWe in 2013; Spring Street Networks, acquired by FriendFinder in 2005; and Babble, which she co-founded, acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2011. Her latest venture, Knowsy, launched in October, 2016.