Culinary Agents

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Culinary Agents is a professional networking and job matching site designed for the food, beverage and hospitality industry. Unlike other job boards, they use a proprietary matching system equipped with relevant tools for businesses to manage their talent sourcing and recruiting efforts. Their heavy focus on career development and mentorship addresses the needs of an evolving workforce and provides inspiration to existing and aspiring professionals across the US and globally. 

Alice Cheng, Founder and CEO

Alice Cheng is a deeply experienced business, marketing and sales professional who is passionate about helping people build careers. In her 13 year tenure at IBM in New York and San Francisco she was one of the core team members who pioneered Big Blue’s Digital Media practice into and across multiple industries globally. While in San Francisco, she helped tech and media enterprises leverage web and infrastructure solutions, along with research and development innovations to drive growth in a challenging, fast-changing business environment. Having spent years working in a restaurant and later studying culinary arts and oenology as a hobby, Alice has taken her knowledge of technology into the food and beverage industry to solve inefficiencies and gaps around talent sourcing and career development.

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