Winky Lux

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Launched in 2015, Glow Concept, is a holding company set on disrupting the billion‑dollar color cosmetics industry. The portfolio brands, which include WINKY LUX and Laqa and Co., launch products every 15-­30 days and partner with digital influencers to drive e-commerce and retail sales. 

Winky Lux, creator of the viral Lip Pill and Flower Balm, is the purveyor of luxury color makeup. Launched in October 2015, it creates high-pigment color cosmetics at a price that’s nice. What’s more, everything is cruelty-free, paraben free, phtalate free and non-toxic. 

Natalie Mackey, Founder

Natalie Mackey is a brand builder and serial entrepreneur. She began her career in finance, but soon became drawn to the idea of building companies. In 2010, she co- founded Mackey Morgan (now Crescala Development), which helped market fashion brands like Katie Ermilio, Prabal Gurung and Christian Siriano. It was during a licensing negotiation that she fell in love with the beauty business and also saw an incredible opportunity to create change.