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Our mission is to enrich the experiences of neighborhood children by bringing them together with the best local classes.  Our hyper-local marketplace will be the first of its kind for the millennial parent: convenient, sophisticated and technical.  Additionally, we are building a powerful platform for independent class providers, bringing technology to a fragmented market.

Our business model consists of a monthly membership for parents, giving them access to a wide variety of classes and flexibility without commitment.  Our Class Partners gain exposure to our network and are able to fill open spaces in their classes at discounted drop in rates.

Marissa Evans Alden, CEO and Co-Founder

Marissa Evans Alden, Harvard MBA, founded a consumer fashion app, Go Try It On (Index Ventures backed) in 2010, and ultimately sold to Rent the Runway. Over the past 2 years she has led a group of technology, product, and design team members as the General Manager of Growth at Rent the Runway. Marissa brings an expertise in customer marketing and scaling consumer products to Sawyer.

Stephanie Choi, Co-Founder

Stephanie Choi, a millennial parent, has over 10 years of experience in merchandise planning and for the past 4 years, has been leading the Inventory Planning Team at Rent the Runway. Stephanie brings an expertise in pricing and revenue management to Sawyer.

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