Hip Sobriety

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We are on a mission to build a brand that will reframe and revolutionize the role alcohol plays in our lives and culture, ultimately inspiring a global community around the badge of sobriety.

Hip Sobriety provides substance abuse treatment for people who don’t identify as addicted. We are building the next generation of recovery care: a meticulously designed brand and media presence that positions sobriety as an aspirational lifestyle choice, and an end-to-end community-based digital therapeutic. Our sobriety method serves a customer currently ignored by the wellness, healthcare and recovery industries, delivers them to sobriety, and keeps them engaged in recovery at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment modalities.

Holly Whitaker, Founder/CEO

I’m Holly. Professionally, I am sobriety coach and teacher, writer, speaker, co-host/co-producer of the Home Podcast, Kundalini yoga and mediation instructor, and I run this thing called Hip Sobriety. My life’s mission is to fix the mess that is addiction & addiction recovery. I am just one of many who believe that we must end the stigma, shame, criminalization and marginalization; promote alternative pathways to recovery; and work together across a diverse set of belief systems, modalities, and barriers in order to do so. I deeply believe that sobriety is an inspiring, empowering, and life affirming choice, and that we are living in such a time where more and more individuals will come to decide for it.