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Handwriting.io (previously Gracious Eloise) is building the largest digital handwriting database in the world leveraged by their patented handwriting replication software. Their mission is to build the personalization layer of the web. Think Paypal for personalization – personalize stationery, greeting cards, gifts sent online, flower deliveries etc. with a little bit of you. 

Eloise Bune, Founder & CEO

Prior to starting Handwriting.io (previously Gracious Eloise), Eloise worked at Martha Stewart Omnimedia before moving to to England to study with Christie’s auction house, the Guggenheim Museum in Venice and White Cube Gallery. After returning to the United States she worked as an interior designer.  Eloise received a B.A. in Art History and Italian Studies from Wheaton College, MA and a post-graduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cambridge. Eloise is a Springboard Enterprises alum and Harvard Business School Case Study.

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