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An early-stage fund investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent.


Women make great


Women experience greater successes - and fewer failures - than their male counterparts. Yet traditional venture capital does not reflect this.

Female Founders Fund was founded to change that.

A generation of talented women are building businesses and raising capital to bring their ideas to life.

It's not just about women.

It's about talent.


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Our portfolio companies all share something in common - each is led by talented female founders with disruptive and innovative ideas that better serve their consumer.

Scout Investments

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Female Founders Fund makes small, supporting investments in companies sourced by our Venture Scouts but operating in sectors or stages that are currently outside of our focus on institutional seed-stage opportunities.

Interested in working for one of our fast growing, female-led startups in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or London?

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Where We Invest

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We invest in areas where women-led startups have incredible impact: e-commerce, web-enabled products and services, marketplaces, and platforms.


Technology services that connect buyers and sellers across B2B and B2C industries.


Direct-to-consumer brands, building their businesses with technology at the core.

Web-Enabled Services

Powerful service operations enabled by location and mobile data.


Disruptive networks and communities connected via technology solutions.

To submit pitches, email your deck and relevant materials to pitches@femalefoundersfund.com.

Team & Network

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We have built the strongest network of operators and CEOs supporting female founders nationwide.

Our Team

Our Network

F3 College Fellows

A community of students interested in VC and entrepreneurship who provide insights and feedback from a Gen Z audience

Vadini Agrawal

Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology / 2021

Amulya Balakrishnan

Computer Science, Engineering

University of California, San Diego / 2022

Sofia Bianchi

Fordham University / 2022

Mary-Catherine Canavan


Michigan State / 2020

Tigerlily Cooley

Global Business

Fordham University / 2020

Alice Dai

Electrical Engineering, English

Duke University / 2020

Natalia Dorogi

Engineering Management Systems

Columbia University / 2021

Emily Fong

Decolonial Computing

New York University / 2019

Shohini Gupta


UC Berkeley / 2020

Saraya Hamidi

Financial Economics, Business Management

Columbia College, Columbia University / 2020

Alana Higa

Computer Science, Global Business

Fordham University / 2020

Grace Hong

Princeton University / 2021

Anisha Kalra

Business Administration

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business / 2019

Shefali Kumar

Financial Economics, Statistics

Columbia University / 2021

Adele Li

Computer Science, Economics

University of Pennsylvania / 2020

Jessica Li

Statistics, Computer Science

Harvard University / 2019

Angela Liu

Financial Economics

Columbia University / 2021

Rynel Luo


University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School / 2020

Shawn Luo

Economics, Computer Science

Wellesley, Babson/MIT / 2020

Samantha MacIlwaine

Computer Science

Columbia University / 2020

Samanee Mahbub


Brown University / 2019

Noa Mintz

Brown University / 2022

Nikoleta Mountanos

Theatre Arts, Cinema and Media Studies

Gettysburg College / 2019

Emmy Oleary

Metropolitan Studies

New York University / 2020

Jillian Ross

Computer Science

Columbia University / 2021

Maura Sheedy

Business Administration

Fordham University / 2020

Arooj Sheikh


The University of Texas at Austin / 2021

Lorel Sim

International Relations / Data Science

Stanford University / 2019

Salomé Tkebuchava

Financial Economics, Business Management

Columbia University / 2021

Yoelena Tkebuchava

Politics, Philosophy, Economics

University of Pennsylvania / 2020

Maddie Vance


Dickinson College / 2019

Jasmine Wang

Computer Science, Philosophy

University of Washington / 2020

Alexis Wiseman

Sustainable Business Development

Emory University / 2021

Interested in applying for the College Fellows Program? Click here.

Events & Community

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